Coping With Seasonal Affective Disorder Effectively

| Sunday, May 21, 2017
By Daniel Cole

There are many ways to treat seasonal affective disorder. There is no doubt, coping with seasonal affective disorder is not easy. People may say that this is a type of depression which is easier to deal with because it only hits you every season. However, this is hardly true because it is always on your mind. Some people have to put up with unbearable winters and this is obviously a big problem.

In saying that, there are ways of dealing with this crippling disorder. It can depend on the individual. For some people, it will not be as severe and they will be able to manage their daily tasks. They feel slightly more sad during these times. However, for others it can be a time where they will look outside at the grey clouds and simply feel like sleep all day.

It can especially be difficult for the person who leads a stressful life the rest of the year. They know that they have a lot to do during the day, and getting through their basic tasks on a daily basis can be hugely difficult. It can be like a huge mountain that they have to climb. Family members may not understand what they are going through, and often make the situation worse.

It can also take some time to diagnose, because psychologists have to find out what it may relate to. Symptoms may relate to other factors in your life. Symptoms are all closely related so they have to make sure that this is the correct diagnosis. They may find that the reason for this is that there is a lack of serotonin at this time or you are sleeping less.

Practical advice is sometimes just as helpful as the mental side of things. People need to know how to plan their day. This starts from getting up in the morning and managing the rest of the family to learning how to cope in the work place. It can be stressful dealing with relationships, both at work as well as in the home environment.

There are practical ways of improving the way you are feeling on a day to day basis as well. However, it is a good idea to work with a professional person who will encourage and motivate you. These practical techniques can involve a good exercise program, eating the right foods, and staying away from toxic drugs and alcohol, which are going to worsen your condition.

It is important to have a plan of action every day. Of course, this is not something that is easy to suddenly jump into, and can involve baby steps. It may involve standing outside on the balcony or in the garden and absorbing some of the sunshine. This will help you get out of bed and will lift your spirits. It is recommended that you have a good breakfast before jumping onto the next task.

A creative therapist teaches patients to work with their hands and express themselves non-verbally. This comes in the form of various art and craft projects. They may use different movements which could include dancing. This will help them to be inspired and release some of the stress. They will gain freedom from this type of an approach and it will go a long way in the process.

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