Helped By An In Home Caregiver Orange County CA Patients Retain Their Dignity

| Wednesday, December 14, 2016
By Anthony Phillips

The average age of the population steadily rises from year to year. People live longer than before. However, there are also many more older people that are physically unable to perform all the vital tasks that forms part of day to day existence. Younger people also find themselves in need of help, either due to accidents or debilitating diseases. In such cases, with assistance from an in home caregiver Orange County CA residents can remain comfortably in their own homes.

Families all too often take on the responsibility of caring for a disabled loved one. They may regret this. Caring for someone takes time, patience and skill. The task will disrupt the household routine and very soon the act of love will turn into a resented duty. In most cases it is best to get help from someone experienced in caring for other people.

Statistics show that more than 70 per cent of the population will require some form of personal care at one stage or another. In many instances such help is only needed while the patient recovers, but in many cases the care is needed for the long term. Unfortunately, most medical insurance companies will pay for only a short period of care.

Long term care can be prohibitively expensive, especially if the level of care requires specialized training and experience. Fortunately, some insurance companies offer policies that cover the eventuality of long term personal live in care. When considering the likelihood of needing care at some stage, this may be a wise move. The alternative may be institutionalization.

It is important to understand the fact that many patients struggle to come to terms with the fact that they need help to survive from day to day. They already have to deal with the psychological aftermath of being disabled in some way and they may even resent the fact that their families are considering live in care. A therapist van help such patients to come to terms with the reality of the situation.

Choosing a helper should be undertaken with circumspect. The patient should be involved in the process. It is important to find someone that will not only help the patient where necessary, but also share at least some interests. Candidates should be told exactly what will be expected to them and the terms of employment must be spelled out in detail in order to prevent later misunderstandings and conflict.

Some patients, for example those that need specialized medical care or that suffer from advanced mental conditions may not benefit from care in their own homes. In such cases it may be better to relocate them to an institution that has experience in providing the level of care necessary. Families should seek advice from a professional such as a doctor or psychologist before making a decision.

Even when the very best live in help is hired to care for a loved one it is important to remain in constant contact and to make sure that the patient knows that he is still a loved and valuable member of the family. Patients often feel isolated and they become lonely, even with a helper present. It is also important to communicate with the helper on a regular basis.

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