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| Monday, October 17, 2016
By Eddy Romans

As the holiday season approach many people notice changes in their elderly loved ones behavior. Some seniors find this time of year difficult for many different reasons. Family members may notice that the person is not as active as they normal but this is the time to hire home health care Indianapolis caregivers.

The person may also be withdrawn, fatigue and unusually sad. Most aging adults will deny that they are depressed to family members because they do not want to worry them or they feel the person may not understand. It is important for family or friends of the senior to understand that depression is not common among all seniors during the holidays and it is important to find ways to help your loved one through this stage in their life.

Trained professionals who have been hired to help a family with the end of life stages provide nursing visits to the patient to monitor and assess their condition and treatment. The staff makes themselves available 24 hours a day to provide end of life support. These individuals also work to help family members with the grieving process. They are there to answer questions and provide assistance when needed.

All people love staying in their own house and having their privacy. Keeping things in the same spot and organized so the senior will know where to find them. Most aging adults do not like change and getting out of routine. Health aides can provide an array of duties such as cleaning, cooking, bathing and dressing clients.

The goal of the health care workers is to make sure emotional, physical and spiritual needs are met for the patient as well as family members. It is imperative to the professional team that the patient receives the type of care that has been discussed when the end of their life approaches. Dignity is the knowledge and ability to assess the emotional needs of the patient you are caring for by addressing factors that contribute to that persons sense of self-respect.

Sometimes senior adults will open up to an aide about their concerns before they will a family member. Once the aide helps determine what is causing the depression they can work with family members to improve the situation. Many times seniors benefit from just being able to get out more, decorating their house for the holidays or being around other people in the community.

These are things that home care aides can help the senior do. It is important to look for a home care aide ahead of time in order to get the best companion for your loved one. Aides are trained on a wide area of duties when it comes to caring.

Seniors can feel confident that someone will be checking in on them to ensure they are safe during the day. Home health aides arrive at the same time every day and are expected to stay at the home either until someone relieves them of their shift or until the time when it is safe for them to leave the client alone at home. It is important that the seniors realize that their loved ones only have their best interest in mind and want them to be safe. Most families would agree that bringing in extra help is the way to go when caring for a senior.

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