Living At Home Vs. Assisted Living In Orange County

| Monday, August 22, 2016
By Rue Nichols

At some point in one's life, everyone needs some extra help and this is certainly true as we age. If you do need help with many chores of daily life, which includes everything from cooking to cleaning to bathing and getting dressed, you might be weighing whether or not to hire in-home help or perhaps moving into a facility for assisted living in Orange County. The following information can help you weigh your options.

For many people, in-home care is the most affordable option. Assisted living in Orange County, such as assisted living in Tustin or Anaheim can be more expensive than in-home care. However, the costs of in-home care aren't cheap, especially if you need a person to help every day and this caregiver must help with many tasks. If you are a person with some minor mobility issues, but really only need help with cleaning the house, doing the laundry and maintaining the yard, hiring a maid service and gardener might really be all you need. If you need this plus help with grooming, bathing and more, the cost of care can climb.

While assisted living in Orange County can come with a hefty price tag, financing the cost is not always impossible. After all, if you own a home, this can be sold and the proceeds can be used to pay for care. You also will be moving into a smaller space, so selling your belongings and your car also can help you raise more money for assisted living. Additionally, while the monthly cost might be high, you will no longer have to pay for costs such as mortgage payments, property tax, car or homeowners insurance, utilities and many other expenses.

While assisted living in Orange County does come along with a high cost, what you get for the money usually is substantial. Most facilities for assisted living in Tustin, Fullerton and other cities offer many services and special amenities. Your monthly costs include the cost of your apartment as well as all of your meals and some snacks. Most facilities also include housekeeping services and laundry services once per week. In addition, there are staff members to help with grooming, bathing, getting dressed and even medication management.

While many amenities are available, not all of them might be included in your monthly costs. The staff might list a bunch of services they provide, but these services aren't necessarily all-inclusive. Before you make your final decision on assisted living in Orange County, read the contract very carefully so that you know exactly what will be included and what might be an extra cost. After all, you don't want to move in and assume that you will receive daily help with dressing and grooming only to find out this is $200 more per month. Read over the contract and, if possible, discuss the contract with your attorney.

For many seniors, it isn't just the lack of mobility or the need for daily help that has them considering moving into assisted living. Social isolation is a huge problem among older adults and this can lead to depression as well as a decline in health. Because seniors often have limited access to transportation, it can be difficult to visit friends and families or take part in community activities. The advantage of assisted living versus in-home living is clear in this case. Assisted living facilities have many residents and a wide range of activities are planned throughout the month for the residents.

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