Avoiding Senior Isolation Through Assisted Living In San Diego

| Thursday, September 10, 2015
By Rue Nichols

If we all had our way, we'd be 100% healthy and fit throughout our entire lives and able to live a fully independent life well into our 90s. However, this is not reality for millions of older Americans who suffer from the loneliness of isolation, and there is a vast difference between being happily independent and being isolated or shut in. For those in isolation, it might be wise to consider the advantages of moving into a facility for assisted living in San Diego or perhaps a retirement community. Here are just a few of the advantages of assisted living.

1. Isolation Can Reduce Your Lifespan

There are plenty of seniors that have no trouble living alone. They have plenty of friends and no trouble driving or arranging transportation to enjoy club meetings, tennis matches, church socials and other events. However, there are many seniors that have no convenient transportation and suffer from some level of physical disability. Often these people end up spending most of their time alone inside their homes. Some studies show that this type of isolation can shorten your lifespan. People who are isolated become ill more easily and because they have fewer social interactions, there aren't people around to notice changes in physical or mental health. Problems with high blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer may be exacerbated by this isolation.

2. Injury Or Illness Can Be Fatal When Isolated

One of the realities of growing older is that our bodies are not as strong as during our younger days. This means that a bad fall can be extremely dangerous for an older adult. The risk of heart attack and stroke also increases with age. If you live in assisted living in San Diego or assisted living in Carlsbad or another city, you can rest assured that if a medical emergency or serious injury occurs, there is someone to help just a few steps away. When living alone, it can be difficult if not impossible to summon help and these delays can be deadly. In addition, if you have concerns about household security in general, assisted living in San Diego tends to be safer and more secure than a private home.

3. Staying Social Can Keep You Sharp & Happy

Being engaged in plenty of activities and hanging out with friends and family can have a positive effect on your mental focus. Isolation can lead to loneliness and depression, and some studies indicate that both loneliness and depression can lead to cognitive declines. When you have a strong social network and support system, you are far less likely to be plagued by depression. This is one of the key benefits of assisted living in San Diego. There are always plenty of residents around and many activities are planned each day.

Of course, there are plenty of seniors who don't really need assisted living, because they have no health problems or mobility issues that might lead to isolation. For those who do have trouble managing the typical chores of daily life and have few opportunities to simply enjoy the company of others, assisted living in San Diego can be a good choice. Some people opt for an in-home caregiver, and while that can be helpful, it still doesn't really provide that needed social interaction or an interesting set of activities during the day and evening.

There are many options for assisted living in San Diego and Southern California, and there are companies out there that specialize in eldercare placement. The representatives at these firms can take a good look at your physical needs, your budget and what you are hoping to find and come up with a list of options. From there, you need to schedule tours of each assisted living facility and ask plenty of questions about care, daily life, amenities, security and so on. With so many options in the San Diego area, it isn't hard to find a few facilities that make the grade.

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