Eating Well: Food Choices At Assisted Living Facilities

| Sunday, April 26, 2015
By Rue Nichols

One of the big advantages to assisted living is the food. That might seem silly, but for most of us, mealtime is a highlight of the day. Not only do we enjoy a variety of cuisine, people also enjoy the social aspect of meal time.

At facilities for assisted living in San Diego County, most offer three meals each day as well as snacks. For a senior adult living at home alone, mealtimes can be lonely, not to mention that you have to prep, cook and clean yourself. In an assisted living community, all of this responsibility is gone and you don't have to eat alone.

This doesn't mean that you can't eat alone now and then, of course, and most communities for assisted living in Escondido or San Diego include a kitchenette space. This probably will include a small refrigerator and perhaps a coffee pot, a toaster or a microwave as well as some cupboards for storing snacks.

When you are out there trying to select a spot for assisted living in San Diego or perhaps placement for assisted living in Escondido, you will need to take a thorough tour of the facilities, and this definitely includes the dining room. Don't just walk through the dining room, come and enjoy a meal or two and ask for menus for all three meals. Ask them how they accommodate your specific dietary needs and whether or not they ask for resident food recommendations.

There will be some differences between the food offerings at a facility for assisted living in San Diego versus a board and care facility. Generally, because there are only about six residents at any board and care facility, you might be able to have a bit more personal input regarding menu options. A larger assisted living community will instead have a much larger menu with more choices, in general.

For those of you with a loved one who is currently living in assisted living in San Diego or about to move into a facility, it's important that you come to dinner or lunch at the facility from time to time. Bring the grandkids and enjoy a weekend lunch or come for dinner once or twice each month. Not only will your loved one enjoy the company, you will get to know the new friends he or she has made. Plus you will truly get a better picture of how well your loved one is doing. Be sure to also plan some dining excursions off site, maybe a family party or a meal at their favorite steakhouse or whatever they enjoy.

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