Assisted Living San Diego: Trimming The Costs

| Tuesday, March 31, 2015
By Rue Nichols

For many older Americans, assisted living is a better option than living alone, but it can be quite expensive to afford the monthly assisted living fees. Still, assisted living facilities provide many benefits and activities that are quite appealing. Here are a few ways to help you trim the costs of assisted living just a bit.

You monthly fee is your primary concern. In San Diego assisted living facilities or assisted living in La Mesa, a select amount of social activities are provided which also includes weekly housekeeping, laundry services, three meals each day and snacks for assisted living. In addition, you may also find swimming pool, fitness room and exercise classes. Transportation may also be included with your monthly fees as well as other amenities. Furthermore, to help with basic dressing and grooming tasks, as well as medication management, a 24 hour staff per day is available.

Even though these amenities are included, the room location and room size is what the monthly fee range depends upon. The general preference for many people is a larger, two-bedroom apartment at their facility for assisted living in Carlsbad or assisted living in Encinitas. With that said, there are less expensive alternatives such as a one-bedroom options and studio apartment options. At first it may be small though residents don't usually spend a ton of in time in their apartment. This is usually done in common rooms where they watch TV, play games, enjoy activities or socialize with others. You may find a bigger apartment to be a waste of money with space that you aren't really using especially if you prefer socializing often.

Another cost-cutting option is to consider the size of the assisted living community for residents of assisted living in Del Mar or Oceanside. A bigger facility will offer more amenities and cost less in general by some people though this is not always the case. At times you will have everything you need at a lower cast at a smaller assisted living community. You might be surprised at the offerings in a smaller assisted living facility and often, with fewer residents, which makes it all the more reason to look for all types of assisted living facilities which a more personal service is enjoyed.

The location is usually what the assisted living facility monthly fees depends upon. A town or city where real estate prices are very high will result to the facility manager necessarily charging more per month for such facility. Sometimes, a wise and practical course of action is to move a few miles away to a less expensive facility that still offers all the amenities you want and is still close to friends and family.

If you are ready to being your search for assisted living in San Diego or assisted living in Orange County, Care Placement is a free service that might be able to help. They provide lists of pre-screened assisted living facilities, board and care facilities and skilled nursing facilities throughout Orange and San Diego counties. Whether you need assisted living in Rancho San Diego or assisted living in Dana Point, they can find a facility that will meet your personal and budgetary needs.

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