What The Experts On Senior Citizen Fitness Recommend You

| Friday, December 12, 2014
By Lucia Weeks

Aging can mean reduced resistance to diseases and more vulnerability to health issues. But this does not mean that its the end for you. A lot of elderlies are seen to be in great shape despite their age. With the right amount of exercise, they can still boost the energy that they have to combat health risks.

One important thing to remember when you have not done any types of exercise for the past year is to see your doctor. This will help you know if there are existing health conditions which may not merit you to do any physical work. You may also ask the suggestion of the experts on senior citizen fitness as to the appropriate training regimen right for you. Here are some of their basic tips to get things started.

Do some walking. If you find yourself feeling tired early in the morning even without doing any strenuous activities the day before, then perhaps you are not just doing enough walking. Get up early and walk. You do not need to go too far. Walk around your vicinity and enjoy the fresh air. If you can get someone to go with you, then better.

Improve your strength. You can only do this if you invest time on doing strength trainings that aim to improve the quality of your bones and muscles. If you have been experiencing muscle cramps more often and sometimes feel like your knees have no enough strength to carry you, then now is the time. Do not go for weight lifting though unless approved by your physician. Start with the simple push ups or pull ups.

Try yoga. If you think yoga is only good for those young people who are fit and have no problems flexing their bodies, then you are wrong. This can also be beneficial to seniors. It does not only help one boost his strength. It also improves his flexibility, balance and aerobic capacities. These when combined are important to becoming more resistant to common body pains.

Do stretching. We learned when we were younger to do some stretching as means of warming up. For seniors, this is important not only for the same purpose but also in the reduction of the tension build up in their joints.

Create a daily exercise drill. One way to have consistency and make your exercise a habit is to create drills. In here, you list down specific types of exercises that you do everyday with their corresponding time or duration. This is one way to discipline yourself not to skip your trainings.

Inform your family or relative. It will be an advantage if you get your family members to participate in your plans. They can help you be more empowered to continue whatever training you see fit. Also, you can have a more healthy and quality time with them should they decide to join you in one of your walking exercises.

Strike for a healthier body when you age. Diseases will always be there, and the best way you can combat them from your end is to be healthy on your age. It may not be a bulletproof protection, but it can help you minimize the damage. Besides, staying healthy is to your advantage.

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