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| Monday, August 5, 2013
By Cathy Mercer

In Atlanta in home care is an important step in keeping a loved one in their own home. There are various things that this type of caregiver can provide to the person who is receiving assistance. While the most thought of service might be for the client's health, the caregiver can also be hired to offer help with personal and emotional assistance as well as help with household chores.

A person who lives on their own has a sense of independence and their families want to help them keep it. However, taking care of a someone can be difficult for everyone involved. It is not uncommon for a family to seek to employ someone to help them out with this task, although this can be pricey. Initially, if there is a medical need for the assistance requested by the doctor as well as the person being housebound, Medicare will generally cover the costs.

Unfortunately, this is a short-term solution as Medicare will typically only cover the cost of medical assistance for 60 days. For those needing longer assistance with medical personal concerns, funding must be achieved some other way. Most likely the cost of these services will be paid by the family needing assistance and this cost will vary depending on the area in which the client lives.

One of two types of caregiver can be chosen from. The first type is more beneficial to the client who functions quite well on their own. This caregiver simply stops in to check on the client periodically throughout the day and assisting as needed. If the client is one that needs more assistance or does not want to be alone, hiring someone to live with them is often the solution.

Not only is having someone live with the client a great way to offer around the clock care, it might also be better financially for the family. Typically, a live-in caregiver will receive compensation, in whole or in part, for their services with a place to live. This can be a win-win situation for both the family and the caregiver. However, the family should have a background check ran on any potential caregivers as not to subject their loved one to abuse, neglect or theft.

Hiring someone through an agency is often the best choice because it is likely that they will have ran a background check and ensured that training for the job has been completed. This is especially important if the assistance being provided is health care. It is vital to pay particular attention to the agencies who offer personal care assistance because often the licensing requirements are non-existent. The family should then, have their own background check done.

There are many different services that are provided to clients by an in home health service. The greatest percentage of clients receive nursing and medical assistance. However, physical and occupational therapy sessions are also high on the list of services. The client might also receive counseling, medication assistance and speech therapy which can be of great service to someone who is unable to leave their home.

Atlanta in home care helps their clients to avoid having to move from their homes. This type of service is very beneficial to people who need but a small amount of assistance to live on their own.

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