911 Abuse Really Causes Pain For Everyone

| Sunday, April 28, 2013
By Flossie Gibbs

There is simply no real excuse for 911 abuse. These individuals do a very annoying job which offers them low wages and long hours. When someone dials this number they should make sure that there is a severe emergency at hand. It is never funny when there is a dire situation going and the operator is caught up in foolishness.

Even though many of these calls are made by people who have no life there are still the dial ups that were made by mistake. Sometimes a person can inadvertently contact the emergency number. Many wireless phones can be placed in a certain position which causes them to dial a number. Unfortunately the emergency number may be in someones "favorites" section.

Very sad individuals may find comfort in the emergency operator. There have been a number of people who contact the attendants when they want someone to listen to their problems. The seniors in America have joined this "lonely hearts" club. Some people with mental illness have also used this service for dating purposes.

A recent widow would always call the operators late at night when she wanted someone to talk to. Many of the attendants were very friendly individuals and they would take the time to entertain the woman. They enjoyed keeping her company until she finally left this planet.

Spouses who get into major arguments make very bad decisions. A wife may telephone these attendants when her husband is threatening to take away her allowance. They may argue about a number of things that do not require the assistance of police officers. It is very easy for one individual to have someone else arrested in the United States. Many of these cases are not important enough to involve the police or the emergency operator.

This all falls into the category of non-emergency calls which takes place in many American cities. Individuals often use the threat of law enforcement officers on others when they cannot get their way. There have also been many cases that are reported days after the crime actually happened. Every crime should be reported the moment that it happens since these services work on a certain format.

Little ones with no real parental guidance will look to these people for bedtime stories. The attendants have a very busy schedule and they simply cannot talk to children while they are at work. Many parents who allow their children to play with the telephone will face many severe fines and may even be arrested.

Adults are doing more 911 abuse than children in society. There have been numerous occasions when amorous males will contact these operators for all of the wrong reasons. Sometimes they may even threaten the attendant with harsh words. When these operators are female the men may even propose marriage to them. When these men are caught they may in fact face some very serious jail time which will keep them away from all women.

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