How Senior Citizens Can Improve Their Memory While In An Elder Care Facilitiy

| Wednesday, November 28, 2012
By Jessie Moreno

The mind is the most powerful tool that the person has in their body. In some ways, it is responsible for the success and the failure of the person in the field. It has been one of the many jigsaw puzzles of science that many of the people in the community does not have the complete and concrete answer yet. Keeping it healthy would mean using the brain all the time in long island elder care.

Among the best ways to prevent this is to continue learning new things. Every person has the ability to learn despite the age of the human being. Sedentary behavioral patterns can be lessened when the person is trying to learn new things. It is the lack of brain activity that makes it sleepy and eventually loses some of its activities.

The more senses that the person uses, the greater the chances that the person learns something new to the table. This should involve all five senses of the body which will help the brain remember things better than before. In a study which was conducted with pictures paired with odors, people were more likely to remember the images which was associated with odor.

Mental puzzles such as the mahjong, a popular board game and crossword puzzles have been proven to be very effective in keeping the memories of their subjects from becoming senile. This will also act as a source of entertainment and a way to socialize with other people. This will be one of the best ways to fight memory problems.

People who try to stay social are more likely to have better memories. This is because the people are engaged in a conversation. Talking other people will entail an exchange of ideas that the person will need. The exchange of ideas will also make them better with categorizing thoughts and other ideas. In short, talking is an exercise for the brain.

When someone wants to remember you something, another way is to keep repeating that thing to themselves. One should read the whole thing aloud since the person will have better chances of remembering if they read something aloud. It is advised to repeat the new information to yourself again and again.

Repetition is the key for the information to stick to the person like a couple of plaster. Another thing that people should do is to study the essentials after longer periods of time. This should be very valuable when trying to master the information that the person will need. Spaced rehearsal will help solve cognitive problems.

Make use of markers. This could be in the form of post its or a digital organizer which will aid people in remembering things. This will help the person in remembering the things that the person is supposed to remember.

Maintaining a healthy brain would involve people to participate in some activities mental or physical. This should help Long island elder care have the best physical and mental health that they could get. A routine should be developed based on the recommendations above to keep their brains sharp.

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