Exploring Customized Care Plans As An Option

| Thursday, October 25, 2012
By Darcy Deleo

Offering customized care plans is all about giving personalized services. This is about catering to the clients specific needs to the last detail. A good way to do this is by paying attention to their likes, dislikes, conditions, and needs. This is done in a way to make the person as comfortable as the situation can allow within the comfort of an individuals home.

This service is also referred to as personalized treatment. The kinds of people who require this service include the elderly, physically handicapped or those living with chronic conditions. Those who are sick may also temporarily require the service until they get better. It can be related to the assisted living program due to the fact that patients get exclusive treatment.

Different patients require different services depending on their condition. Some of the common ones include taking a shower, dressing up and grooming. Others also include doing laundry, cleaning the house, shopping for house items and keeping the house organized. There are other complex ones like administering medication, managing finances, going for appointments, diet management and offering companionship.

This kind of job needs people who are skilled to manage it. There are different people suited for different roles. Registered nurses are trained to give nursing treatment. They change dressings, administer injections and offer feeding through the tube. They also educate the other family members on how to treat the patients. They also provide a comprehensive Careplan for Hypertension.

The next group is that which attends to the personal and home maintenance. They are known as health aides and serve a less demanding role than the nurses serve. They basically attend to the home matters and the general upkeep of the patient. Most are trained in necessary emergency first aid tips.

Another group of people trained for this responsibility is social workers. Their main role is to give emotional support. This is both for the patient and for family in order to help them deal with the stress of the situation. Some volunteer to help in household work but most are trained for companionship.

There are therapists who are also trained to provide personalized treatment. They specialize in different areas. An occupational therapist is responsible for training the patient to gain some independence by learning how to move and operate basic household appliances. This works for the patients good especially when a nurse is away. A physical therapist is one who deals with patients with physical conditions like broken joints.

Some people may view anyone with these conditions as a burden. The patients may also feel like a burden therefore having people to take care of them and be there for them is an added advantage. Some people may choose to have the nurse or aide stay in or nearby while others opt to have them come and go. Another alternative is to offer Preventive Health Practices for the patient and family.

For one to become a customized care plans giver and be good at the job, trust is an important element. This trust sets the foundation for a good patient and nurse relationship. This is very important in giving the patient support through this hard time.

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