Independent bathing for disabled people

| Thursday, June 7, 2012
By Dexter Dunk

Standard baths and showers can create no end of problems for someone who has a disability or reduced mobility. Not only is getting in and out of a bath or shower difficult, it can be downright dangerous. Negotiating these obstacles can make bathing a rather unpleasant experience, but there is a simple solution.

Opting for a bathroom that has been designed specially to address these problems can make bathing less problematic and reduce the risk of accidents. Simply be lowering the height of a shower tray or installing a bath with a door, bath time can become a source of relaxation and pleasure once more.

Bathing is not just a functional necessity, however. It can be a real source of relaxation, and additional features can make the experience enjoyable and therapeutic as well as practical. A temperature control allows the bather to soak for longer, as the bath water is kept at the desired temperature without the need to keep topping it up.

For a truly relaxing bath, however, a hydrotherapy spa is the ideal option. As you soak in the warm water, jets of tiny bubbles massage away the tensions, aches and pains of the day. The hydrotherapy spa turns an ordinary bath into an extraordinary, restorative luxury that allows users to enjoy bath time in comfort and safety.

Easy access baths are not the only option open for disabled bathrooms. Low-level showers take away the risk of tripping and can even accommodate wheelchairs, fold-away seats or safety bars. One little luxury is the cleverly conceived body dryer which provides all-over gentle body drying, making towels and helpers redundant.

Disabled bathrooms can be designed according to individual needs to create a space that is not just practical and functional. Design features can take away the difficulty and risk associated with bathing in a standard bathroom and bring a welcome element of luxury to the experience, making it not just necessary but pleasurable.

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