Learn the best method to safeguard your loved one who is living at convalescent home

| Sunday, February 12, 2012
By Zandrei Titheradge

Financial neglect and exploitation

One thing that many people may not consider as elderly abuse is when it comes to finances and exploiting the situation that the elderly person finds themselves in.

For example borrowing the elder's Mastercard and drawing out money from their bank without their previous and written consent or forging signatures on checks is another major issue, which can all be classed as abuse of the rights of an aged person. Also contained inside this category are taking goods and possessions without private consent.

Mental and emotional abuse

Just as physical abuse is fairly clear as there are sometimes bruises and marks on the victim which could be clearly detectable, psychological and mental abuse isn't so apparent at first sight. It includes things such as consistently denigrating the elder, using degrading remarks, verbal insults, swearing at them, screaming and yelling or even ignoring them totally, which can all be a useful source of psychological anguish for the elder and can cause much emotional pain.

Nonverbal emotional abuse can include things like stopping the elder from taking part in social activities, projecting a threatening presence, excessive isolation and intimidation. Victims of this kind of behaviour may become withdrawn when they're otherwise outgoing, become very timid, paranoia may set in and they can become especially evasive when answering straightforward everyday questions.If you think that any kind of elderly abuse is happening then it is advisable that you talk to a highly experienced team of Long Beach personal injury attorneys who can help.

Retirement home neglect

Neglect in the retirement home may very well entail one or all the above as well as physical abuse. It is fair to note that though there are plenty of full time pro care givers who are honourable and would never dream of such things, some people who work in helped care home and managed living facilities realize that they are shorthanded and very over stretched.

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