Soft And Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress

| Wednesday, July 19, 2017
By Laura Cole

Although it was first introduced in the sixties, memory foam became so popular in the last two decades. It is used as mattresses, pillows, pads and similar products, and every once in a while some new and improved versions appear. Today, it is not easy to choose the best memory foam mattress, there are so many interesting products available, but here are some focal points that might help you.

The mattress that adjusts to body shape has many advantages. Reducing pressure on the spine and joints, which is especially important if you suffer from back or joint pain. More comfortable and better sleeping means that you will be rested in the morning and ready for your usual duties. Thanks to the fact they are available as soft, medium and firm, you will probably find something for yourself.

The main characteristic of this material is its ability to adjust to the body shape and support the body on the best possible way. At the same time, once the pressure is gone, it returns to its original shape. If the density of the material is higher, it will return to its shape in less time. In fact, higher density is the characteristic of a higher quality, in this case, and also a longer life of this particular product.

The bed made of this material is very soft and comfortable. The foam responds to the pressure and warmth of the human body. The older version of the mattress made of this material had one small disadvantage. They were not sufficiently airy and they accumulated heat. Therefore, new, improved versions have been introduced.

Introducing gel into this foam manage to solve this problem quite efficiently, Aerated holes made it lighter and even more comfortable. Cooling pads have specific qualities as well. Some prefer open-cell structure, and high quality cover materials can also make a great difference. Combining different features can also provide really great results. Your final decision will depend on your personal choice.

When it comes to different mattresses, they consist of at least two layers, mostly more. The upper layer is made of a high quality memory foam with aeration holes, cooling pads, gel or open cell structures. This layer is soft and comfortable. Bottom layer supports it and gives firmness. More layers usually combine different characteristics to provide ultimate comfort to the sleeper.

The thickness is another characteristic that is important for overall quality. Four inches should be a minimum for the upper layer, anything less wouldn't be enough. In fact, there are several conditions that should be meet, density, thickness, good cover quality, aeration, support and firmness. Although, your choice should primarily depend on your personal needs and desires.

Some people prefer sleeping in soft, comfortable bed, some like it firmer, but everyone enjoys good quality sleep. You won't know when your partner change his position during night, and you won't have problems with your back pain sleeping in this supporting and comfortable bed. Most people find it really helpful, and maybe you will feel the same. Give it a try, maybe this is exactly what you've been searching for.

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