The Importance Of Brain Exercise Games For Adults

| Wednesday, April 1, 2015
By Iva Cannon

Unlike computers that store information indefinitely, brains are more like muscles that need to be exercised. Research has indicated that these exercises improve cognitive abilities and reduce the risk of decline. This is probably why brain exercise games for adults have become so popular.

Many free exercises are found online but playing the best ones designed by scientists who understand how the brain works have to be purchased. Sometimes a free trial period is offered first for the individual to see how a particular program works.

Judging the level of a game is vital as one that is too easy will be boring and if it is too difficult, the person might just give up in frustration. The best programs take the requirements of the individual into account and shape the program accordingly. This is done by gathering information from questions answered by the person.

Logic, language, perception, problem solving and memory are some of the areas tested when playing these games. Each game is designed to test a specific area. Some individuals may find they need more training in one area than another. For example, they may be strong in problem solving but weak in language skills or good at memory exercises but find ones testing logic difficult.

The benefit of this type of training is that it can be done at any time in the day and in any place. It is easy to fit this in, even for people with a very busy lifestyle. Training must be done strictly and regularly in order to have any real impact. Many people choose to do them every day and spend about 15 minutes on a session. Random, irregular attempts at training are extremely unlikely to have any real benefit.

One of the best aspects of these apps is the instant feedback on performance. Progress is reviewed at the end of a session. Statistics are available showing factors such as reaction time, total missed or correct and improvement on the previous score. This can be a great incentive for improvement. Progress reports may be given in the form of a graph showing the different areas and progress in each of them. Percentages may compare skills to other users of the same age.

As a certain time span is allowed for a game, intense focus and concentration is necessary. This mental effort is shown to have a positive effect on attention span, short term memory and more. This is especially important for older retired adults. They are no longer faced with many of the intellectual challenges faced by younger people and therefore they need to engage their brains in complex ways to keep their minds sharp in the second half of life. However, not only those who are aging benefit and anyone can improve their capacity.

For brains to work at their best, they need to be trained. This can be great fun and challenging at the same time. It does not take up a great deal of time and is conveniently fitted in to most lifestyles. Tracking progress is exciting and seeing improvement in scores gives an individual encouragement.

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