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| Thursday, March 12, 2015
By Lena Stephenson

Getting old is a natural phenomenon and no one knows exactly what will happen to them, who will take care of them, and where will they be by the time they become elderly. This is becoming a worrisome thought for many people who are at their prime age. This must also be a consideration for many so that they can plan ahead of time about the inevitable fate that awaits them.

Some of the elderly are not given the proper benefits that they deserve. Most of them are not getting enough at all. Hence, the loved ones that are left to take care of them also suffer financially as they also have to find ways to fund the needs of their beloved elderly family member. Pay for elder care is very complicated and support from the state is becoming scarce due to increasing number of the aging population.

They may have benefits and savings but it could not be enough. Hence, they will still need some financial support for their medical needs and daily living. They cannot work anymore so they do not have a daily income source. They are also impulsive and they cannot control their emotions at times making it difficult to find someone who will be patient enough to assist them everyday.

Some pitifully resort to selling most of their sentimental valuables including their houses which they have invested for many years of working. It could break their hearts but often, they are left with no other choices. The most unfortunate individuals are seen on the streets, homeless, starving, and left alone by their children and relatives.

Planning before retirement must be a consideration for all. You are fortunate if your children will still care for you when your eyes can no longer see clearly, when you can no longer walk, or when you can hardly even remember their names. Otherwise, you will not have one single idea where you must go, what you must do with your life, and how to spend the remaining years you have in this world.

You cannot compromise your work by assisting your parents the whole time. You need to work for the future of your own family as well. This is really causing too much headache on many people. But somehow with love, families can get by just fine. There are just some financial drawbacks living with an elderly couple or one at home.

Regardless of money matters, it is still heartwarming to note that there are still people who, even if they already have a family of their own, still take the time, effort, and the hassle of caring for their old parents. Sometimes, it is just a matter of emotional restraint and time management. For some, though, this is too difficult to handle.

Some are sickly and they need special nursing assistance. If you do not have a background in caregiving, you will certainly have a hard time providing them with their care needs. Professional hands are needed in this dilemma. Hence, you also need to pay for home service nurses.

Lucky for those who still have their children by their side, they will still enjoy the remaining years they have. Others are not so lucky as they get sicker each day without anyone to care for them. The government and private institutions need to work harder together selflessly and without any conflicts of interest. These people need special attention.

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