A List Of Excellent Senior Care Financial Assistance Options

| Thursday, March 5, 2015
By Leslie Ball

The responsibility to ensure that your elderly parents have a decent life should not overwhelm your budget. This is because of thoughtful senior care financial assistance programs run by federal, state as well as local governments. They provide an easy application portal online with details on eligibility and the benefits in each case. Below are some of these programs which will lighten your burden to a great extent.

Medicare- this program offers more than Part A and Part B medical and hospital insurance options. It allows the premium for elderly people aged over 65 years to be deducted from their monthly benefits. The monthly premium is also subsidized for parents considered to be in the low income bracket. This provides numerous options to save on monthly expenditure.

Social Security- besides the common benefits, parents who accumulate their social security from the lower paying jobs are given relief. The initiative is under the Supplementary Security Income through which such an elder would get a higher amount. The federal government administers the program but collaborates with the state in some areas.

Administration on Aging- this body runs numerous programs targeting the elders. They include legal assistance, counseling, long term care and protection against abuse. The starting point is a banner that is available on their website. The banner links the elders and their families. There are portals for care givers with explanations and directions on how to take advantage of the program.

Department of Veteran Affairs/VA- it offers incredible benefits to elderly ex-soldiers. The benefits for veterans with disabilities can be increased in case the condition worsens over time. The program covers hospitalization, prescription and medication, among other areas. Pension plans and VA compensation plans are also worth considering.

HIPPA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act- the act contains rules on access and discussions on the health records and conditions of an elder. Without such permission, you are prohibited from making the right decisions on your now old parent. Ensure that you have the power as early as possible since this will give you the ability to act when the need arises.

US State Department of Justice- it is responsible for the execution of the Americans With Disability Act. This act provides privileges to the disabled to ensure that they have universal access to services at all levels. They provide publications that are free to access on their website that can be very helpful in your daily endeavors.

Food and Drug Administration- at old age, your parents are likely to be taking up to five prescription drugs for different conditions and by different doctors. This is likely to cause health complications. Study the drugs through information available from the administration to enable you take appropriate action. The information will help you understand dosage, purpose and side effect.

There are other programs and agencies that would be of assistance. They include the office of the senator who has a staff specialist dedicated to elder affairs, your congressional representative as well as the agency dealing with elders in your area. Explore the options in each case and take advantage of such provisions.

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