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| Saturday, December 22, 2012
By Brandi Little

Across the globe, both governments and non-government organizations are making massive efforts of ensuring that people have admitted to a good health care system. The general population comprises of different sets of people with each needing specialized protection. For instance, Long Island elder care has different needs from that of the younger generations in the same area.

The general status of elder care across the country is wanting. Even though it may be considered as one of the best if compared globally, advancements can be made. The elderly among the society comprise of the minutest group among all other age groups. They are also among one of the most susceptible to illnesses, and hence require an effective health system.

The middle age groups comprise of these most active members in the society. Their deeds have a profound impact on both the young and the elders who are incapable of undertaking some roles. For example, the general health system is molded and provided by this middle age group. This age group is hence liable for making sure that the system in place is efficient and capable of achieving desirable outcomes.

Looking at the bigger picture in the part of assuming these vital roles in society, it is clear that all individuals play a role at each stage. One of the most important ages with regards to the provision of health services is the middle ages. The middle age group in the past was the young age ground, and in the future will make up the elder age group. It is hence appropriate to know that the system works in a way where everyone has a role to play in order for it to work well.

The role each group is meant to play is vital. As the middle age cluster is the most active, it is in its obligation to put in place a health system that caters for all the groups. It should furthermore place emphasis on the systems in place for the vulnerable in society who may not rise to defend themselves.

The best way forward is to ensure that progress is made with each new system put in place. The latter should be more effective and advantageous than its predecessors. This ensures that the right moves are actually being made. The best means of ensuring that the system is making good progress in the society is to continually assess the state of this general health protection and compare it with prior states. A point to note when making the system is to take all aspects that have an effect on the health protection into consideration.

There is huge pressure on the governments of this world to provide public goods such as health care in times of economic hardships. The young have a role to play in the future and are hence adequately catered for. The middle aged is in a position to mind their welfare. The questions arise when the issue of these elderly emerges.

Long Island elder care is wanting, particularly considering that the area is densely populated. This brings the challenges of population which has adverse effects to a person already susceptible to other maladies. There is a need to assess this situation and take appropriate steps of ensuring that the elderly have admittance to proper health protection.

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