Factors To Think About When Selecting A Geriatric Care Manager

| Thursday, July 5, 2012
By Claudia Campos

Any brand of elderly aide must begin with a detailed assessment of the unique case at hand. When requiring a geriatric care manager Chicago families need to look for the niche skills that suite the specific case. It's useful to sit down with a note pad and pen, listing all pertinent needs.

Note any form of dementia or Alzheimer's. Write down all the physical issues involved, like renal failure and heart conditions. Remember to keep quality of life in mind, writing down the type of things the elderly person enjoys doing.

This kind of professional is not well known to most families. He ensures that the loved one can continue to live at home instead of being moved into an institution. This will lessen the stress suffered by the individual, which often leads to a further decline in physical and emotional symptoms.

The professional is likely to have a background in psychology, social work and nursing. With these particular skills, he is able to provide aid in all ways. This lets the family relax, knowing that their loved one has the very best aide. While the professional won't be present with the elderly person daily, he will visit the house and ascertain safety and psychological needs. He will then create a structure of care around a range of hands on aides.

The first meeting with the manager will take the form of an interview. Compare the notes made with the specific specialties of the professional in question. Some will have specialized in nursing and are ideal for a person with primarily physical problems. A social work background is best for one who needs to get involved in community programs.

Certification should be sought. When employing a geriatric care manager chicago families will need to choose the amount of involvement they want. The service will give them immense peace of mind.

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