Assisted Living Portland Oregon: Placing the Contentment and Safety of Your Elderly Loved Ones On Top

| Sunday, February 6, 2011
By Jamie Forsman

If you are looking for a community that would best be suited for the elderly, you should be looking at assisted living facilities. Assisted living facilities are communities of elderly residents with caregivers ready to attend and care for their everyday needs. These caregivers are highly trained and have met the qualifications to care for the elderly. Meal preparations, housekeeping, bathing, changing of clothes, laundry are some of the tasks that the elderly would be assisted with. They would be able to go with their normal everyday routine with the supervision they need.

The social needs of the elderly would as well be provided by these facilities. They would have group activities that the elderly residents can participate in. These activities are designed for their entertainment and exercise as well. These activities will not require that much agility and are not too physically demanding. There are games that would exercise their bodies and their brains. Socialization would be as well provided with dances and other social events. Most facilities would have karaoke singing and talent shows where the elderly can show off their natural talents.

Residents of assisted living facilities will still have the privacy they would want. They would be living in their own house or apartment in the community with visits from their caregivers to assist them in the daily tasks. The facility would as well provide the emotional support that the elderly needs. They would be in a group that they can relate to well because of the similarities that they have and because they are all almost at the same stage in life. The assisted living facilities that you would find all over the country are designed to bring comfort and ensure the safety of our elderly loved ones.

There are signs that you should look for in elderly people to see if they already need assistance in their everyday tasks especially if they are living alone. You can easily spot these signs by paying attention to details. If maintaining the lawn was one of the priorities of your loved one and you see that the lawn is no longer maintained, this could be because your loved one who is an elderly can no longer clean the yard on her own. Also if the house is in disarray and dishes are piling up, this could mean that they can no longer do this task themselves.

Check as well their movements. If they are having difficulty in movements, they would be needing the assistance in bathing and changing their clothes. Keep in mind that the bathroom can be slippery and they might easily lose their balance and hurt themselves. Changing of clothes would require flexibility and some elderly would have already lost the flexibility that they once have because of the weakness in their bones and muscles.

Check as well for any drastic weight loss. Weight loss could be because they can not attend to preparing their meals or may have forgotten if they have already eaten. If the memory of your loved ones is not that sharp and they have medication that they need to take everyday for a condition, they may forget to take the medication and this can worsen their condition.

If there are telltale signs that your elderly loved ones can no longer take care of themselves and their daily tasks and you can not attend to their needs, you should look for an assisted living facility. Facilities as such would have the knowledge and years of experience in caring for the elderly. Keep in mind that assisted living facilities would be for the safety and comfort of your elderly loved ones.

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